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 4-AminoBenzyl Cyanide
 4-Aminophthalic acid
 4-Aminophthalic anhydride
 3-Aminophthalic anhydride
 3-Nitrophthalic acid
About Us
Ausdar Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in March 2006 in Shanghai China, is specialised in Research & Development, custom manufacturing and trading of refined chemical products.

The employees of Ausdar, equipped with chemicals background, having worked in international trade for years, having deep understanding and wide network in Chinese chemical market, which allowed Ausdar to establish its presence in pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals and electronic chemicals fields and stable and close business relationship with famed pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and chemical companies. Ausdar also holds shares in two domestic research institutes and three domestic manufacturers.

In the principle of being responsible for every client, all employees have signed Confidentiality Agreement with the company and emphasize effective protection of clients' intellectual property, technology and business confidentials.

At the meantime of assisting Chinese companies to build up the comprehensive competitiveness and international market coverage, Ausdar aggressively seeks for opportunities for foreign clients to enter into Chinese market and increase its sales share in China. To better serve Chinese market sales, Ausdar has started building up domestic storage and distributing network.

With the endeavor put forward by Ausdar team and support provided by clients and friends home and abroad, we strive to and will be a leading supplier in chemical industry.
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